The Seven Deadly Sins Of Technical Analysis

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Popular torrent search portal, The Pirate Bay was recently caught running a cryptocurrency miner on its website, essentially borrowing CPU processing power without the user’s knowledge. Look at an area like Argentina, where there are capital controls, challenges in the local financial institutions, and there’s a need to do cross border payments.” 20 This prediction is echoed by the Cato Institute’s study on cryptocurrencies where Auroracoin in Iceland, Scotcoin in Edinburgh and the CzechCrownCoin in the Czech Republic among others.

Laura interviews the people who are truly making things happen in the space and asks tremendously provocative questions that really challenge these thought leaders to give an in-depth explanation of what’s going on. As someone who aspires to enter the blockchain space as a working professional, I have added the Unchained podcast to my ‘must listen to’ list and highly advise others in my position to do the same.

The need for International Finance and Bitcoin – The authors of the 7th edition of International Financial Management, Cheol S. Eun and Bruce G. Resnick, ask ‘why do we need to study international” financial management?’ while this questions may seem surprising to those either already proponents of cryptocurrency or those that follow ever-growing interactions between countries and global citizens, the premise behind the question is still important.

His investments include emerging industry­-standard Ethereum and the decentralised supercomputer scheme Golem, as well as Augur, a prediction-market coin that Carlson-Wee prefers to Gnosis; 0x, a cryptocurrency exchange protocol that will allow for decentralised coin trading; and Tezos, an Ethereum competitor.

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A good example of this is Bitcoin price fluctuations – if the price of Bitcoin fluctuates between $600 and $700 over a period of 20 days, a technical analyst is able to determine the simple moving average of the currency by taking the price of the currency after every session and averaging the final values.

On the flip side, if the world suffers a global financial meltdown on the scale of the Great Depression or something similar again, and fiat currencies start to crater, it very well may be such that governments are forced to resort to accepting bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, if enough people simply flat out refuse to put their stock in fiat.

The spearphishing we have observed in these cases often targets personal email accounts of employees at digital currency exchanges, frequently using tax-themed lures and deploying malware ( PEACHPIT and similar variants) linked to North Korean actors suspected to be responsible for intrusions into global banks in 2016.

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