Cryptocurrency News For 18 Oct 2017

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Monitor 2,000+ cryptocurrencies. I believe the global government finance Bubble – history’s greatest financial boom – will conclude this long Credit cycle going back to the conclusion of WWW II. As the granddaddy of Bubbles,” it is fitting that things turn really crazy during an exceptionally prolonged Terminal Phase.” We’re at the point where no one is willing to risk bursting the Bubble, certainly not timid central bankers.

Financial institutions around the world have long been fascinated by blockchain technology – created by a network of computers, where each transaction made has a digital signature that cannot be forged – as it introduced a new way of executing and recording financial transactions without a central authority.

And therein may lie the true market for the burgeoning field of cryptocurrency: hyper-local currencies for certain neighborhoods, cities, events, venues, and groups of people that are built around a community of like-minded consumers allowing them to trade freely, quickly, and securely for goods and services that are important in their lives instead of having to rely on the central banks and larger markets to tell them what arbitrary item, be it a copper coin or a plastic dollar , holds value.

Many times have an array of Indian business gurus, (of which there isn’t a shortage of given that India hosts hundreds of companies ranked among the biggest in the world and has, on top of that, one of the biggest populations on the planet, making it one of the biggest markets in the world) have come down inconsistently on both sides of the issue, whether the Bitcoin market is unsustainable or not, whether crashes in prices are part of its rise or not.

In addition to taking advantage of the security provided by a large and established network, you may also be able to take advantage of some of the advanced features of the blockchain you are using – such as built-in decentralized exchanges for people to buy and sell your coin for other cryptocurrencies and digital assets.

The last thing I need you to understand before we move on to Energy is that there are 3 different types of blockchains: Public Blockchains – such as Bitcoin and Ethereum (Anyone in the world can explore it, perform transactions, consult them and participate in the consensus process.). Corporate Blockchains – such as R3 (Approved users can explore it, perform transactions, consult them but only a pre-defined set of nodes – e.g. hosted by several Classification and Certification societies – can perform the consensus process.). Private Blockchains – such as Multichain (Anyone in the world might or might not be able to explore it, but only a private group can perform transactions, consult them and participate in the consensus process.).

With the rise of information associated with it. Many individuals and startups are constantly associating themselves with it sometimes, more often than banks do and the future of Cryptocurrency depends on how fast our financial institutions and our government allow themselves realize opportunities aligned with cryptocurrency.

Imagine an Internet of Things scenario, where objects are increasingly getting a freehand to make decisions and stimulate the economy: a potential forerunner of a zero-marginal cost society In such a case, blockchain will be part of a collaborative commons, an advanced form of blockchain technology in society.

In a broad legal sense, smart contracts provide what Bloq’s Garzik calls “”adjudication-as-a-service:” a real-time version of the court system that, for finance scenarios, can cut time on deal closings, banking and securities transactions, and even global trade finance from weeks or months to days, hours, or minutes.

Demand eats Supply for Breakfast – The majority of investors in BTC and other cryptocurrencies are said to be speculators driven by hype (see graph below, which highlights investment into BTC tracking Google searches for Bitcoin.) According to BTC is up 740% (YoY), ETH is up 4600% this year and Ripple’s XRP is up 3600% this year alone.

The membership of the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance has amassed more than 150 enterprise organizations since its launch in February, spanning tech corporations, banks and financial institutions, blockchain and cryptocurrency startups, industries such as healthcare and energy, and even a few governments.

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